Congratulations technology leader! You’ve worked hard to hire the best, and create a great initial product. Now, as the team grows, things get more complicated. You need a mentor who knows what you’re facing, and is available to advise you. I now specialize in coaching engineering leaders to grow and scale teams while avoiding costly mistakes.

I’ve been hiring and leading engineering teams for over 18 years. I sold my first startup to Oracle and another to I’ve hired engineering teams from scratch, and grown other teams to over 60 engineers. Now I'm available to mentor you at a fraction of the cost of hiring me full-time.

People: Learn how to become a servant-leader. Practice radical candor. Empower team members. Solve problems of individuals and fix broken teams. Learn to mentor other leaders while building career paths for those who will be happiest remaining individual contributors.

Process: Become a pragmatic expert on agile processes, applying only those that are right for your team. Drive to deliver real value to customers at regular intervals.

Product: Learn how to partner with PMs, coach/mentor junior PMs, and champion rigorous vetting of feature requests so that your team works on only the most valuable ones.

I’m on your side to help you become the confident leader you deserve to be.

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Founder and Coach

August 2018 - Present

Coaching technology leaders through all phases of company growth, from seed through later rounds. See more details here, and then schedule a free introductory video call to find out how I can support you.

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Adjunct Professor, College of Engineering

June 2019 - Present

Part-time professor of Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Embry-Riddle is the world’s largest and most respected university specializing in aviation and aerospace. For five straight years, US News & World Report has rated them in the top five Bachelor’s programs.

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VP, Engineering

April 2017 - April 2018

Connecting brands and retailers with a pool of well-trained on-demand talent to solve the biggest problems in the consumer goods industry. Think of it as Uber for product merchandising.

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Head of Corporate Engineering

November 2016 - April 2017

Platform allows companies—from seed stage to pre-IPO—to manage equity electronically.

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VP, Engineering

June 2014 - November 2016

Bootstrapped a company building retail Loyalty Apps and related Bluetooth beacon technologies.

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VP, Engineering

August 2013 - June 2014

Formed a cohesive team from a group of acquired startups, leading all engineering and test in Groupon’s San Francisco office. Built a visionary “merchant OS” platform for managing the operation of small businesses.

Click to see the Merchant OS vision video:
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VP, Engineering and Operations

January 2012 - April 2013

Acquired by for our ongoing business, technology, and team.

Stabilized unhappy team and helped them to refocus, remaining close friends with many. Created Mixr iOS app with personalized avatars moving through virtual, 3D-like environments such as clubs and cafes.

Click to see the Mixr app:
Mixr App

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VP, Engineering and Operations

November 2010 - September 2011

Line2 app provides a real second phone number for sending and receiving calls and SMS/MMS.

Reduced outages by over 50%. Added both Android and designed-for-iPad apps. Grew service to over 300,000 VoIP phone calls and over 800,000 text messages a day.

Click to see Line2 HD for iPad (also available for iPhone and Android):
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Director, Software Development

December 2007 - June 2010

Led development of GoToMeeting®, GoToMyPC®, GoToAssist® and all other remote services, used by over 100 million users. Created new apps for iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry. Led Scrum rollout across entire organization.

Advisory Boards

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September 2014 - Present

AnchorFree’s Hotspot Shield application provides secure browsing and privacy, with over 200 million downloads. Growing by more than nine million new downloads per month.

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March 2014 - Present

Prism uses advanced computer vision technology and machine intelligence to extract data from video to transform your business.


Technologies my teams have employed:

Python, Django, Postgres, React, Rails, Ruby, RoR, Node.js, Redis, iBeacon, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android, Objective-C, Swift, Cocoa Touch, Cocos2D, SmartFoxServer, Amazon EC2, ELB, Elastic MapReduce, Hadoop, Solr, A/B Testing, C++, Linux, Apache, Perl, MySQL, memcached, beanstalk, Zenoss, Chef, ejabberd, XMPP, Mahout, Oracle, DOM, XPath, XSLT, XForms, VoiceXML, XHTML, HTML, CSS, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, Flash, ActionScript, Mac OS X, C#, VB.NET, Windows Phone, SQL Server, IIS, ASP.NET, SOAP, REST, Java, JEE


Master of Science, Computer Science; California State University, Fullerton
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science; California State University, Fullerton