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Our software simplifies the process of doing Store Checks. We even maintain up-to-date store lists for major retailers - making the task of creating routes a no-brainer. Drag-and-drop fields to easily create forms yourself, deploy them remotely to your mobile devices and share the results with anyone you want — suppliers, retailers, brokers and service providers alike. Take photographs, record audio comments and maintain a permanent and easily accessible record of your work. All on the web with no software to download or maintain!

If you thought in the past that doing this sort of thing would be a hassle — a big project for which you have no resources — think again.

m2vc is pleased to announce the release of a powerful new version of m2mobile — the ultimate solution for mobile inspection services. Completely re-engineered for this release, our hosted, on-demand field inspection application fully automates your data collection using standard Web and handheld devices. The new version features significant enhancements including:

Let's have a look at how m2mobile works.

The m2mobile administrators for your company manage inspectors, inspection forms (questionnaires), locations, and routes, and assigns them to inspectors. They also share the inspections from a given form with companies and individuals. Inspectors can wirelessly synchronize their mobile devices to get any changes to their assigned forms and routes, and also upload their field inspections. These inspections are then immediately made available on m2axis for viewing, comparing, printing, or downloading into Excel for further analysis.

Creating a form is a simple as dragging and dropping fields onto a device screen.

To add a field, simply drag and drop one of the field types:

Inspectors can synchronize wirelessly and see form changes while in the field:

Retail store and other locations are selected and placed on routes:

Inspectors are assigned forms and routes:

Inspections are shared with m2axis users:

These users can filter inspections by inspected companies, specific locations, inspectors, and forms for a give date range. The inspections can be viewed, compared, printed, or exported to Excel:

To find out more about how m2mobile is helping suppliers, brokers and retailers manage their businesses remotely - and how it can help you, click here or email